Beware the Ides of March

Numbers for this month were mixed.  CA15-3 holding steady at 323.5. CA27.29 shot up to 612.1. Last month it was up a small amt. This may be trending, or they may have batched the tests at the lab. Hard to say. Anyway, since Medicare kicks in April 1, we’ve scheduled a full body PET for April 5th, to see what’s going on. Most likely I may wind up back in the chemo I started with, since I did so well with it. Another thoracentesis is in the offing as well, I seem to get better results with that procedure to assist my breathing than anything. Flash picked up improved lung function in both the left lung and the top part of the right one, which goes along with what I’ve been experiencing. In any event I am not all that disappointed with the results from the Tamoxifen treatment, which I will stay on for the month of March. Blood work looked good.

Meanwhile hubster is researching just what the CA27.29 looks like, what it is…a glycoprotein, no doubt. Not sure these markers are all they are cracked up to be though its clear to some oncologists they have their uses. I don’t thing you can take money to the bank with them in cases like mine. I’m feeling better, and thinking clearer, and that’s a good thing.

Nothing else really new here, except I did put on six (count ’em) pounds from last month, and I’m really happy about that. Temperature was normal, blood pressure was exceptionally good, and all in all even the Zometa IV went smoothly this time. Last month we had a bad batch of needles — they’re coating the tips with plastic of some sort these days, anyway, they wiggle and I think are harder for the women to insert. This time the nurse did it right though, and the whole experience went smoothly.

If I do start chemo again though, like my husband, I’ve decided to get a port. It will make things a whole lot easier.

Once the PET scans come back, Flash will decide on the ultimate formula for the chemo. I know its the right direction to go.

Joule Watt


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