Happy New Year

Markers improved again as of 12/28/2009

CA15-3 now at 305.6 and CA27.29 at 346.4.

At this point I’ll take any improvement. I have a bit more energy, though its still a struggle to eat enough calories to keep my weight stable (currently at 126). I am getting good rest and good food, and have picked up on my old meditation study, which is helping a great deal with the anxiety this condition brings with it.

I’ll be posting only when there is new information, so please do not be alarmed at gaps.

Any kind of cancer is a condition that just brings with it demons that seem to vary from person to person. It’s a battle that must be fought one day at a time. My biggest hope for the next decade is that a cure is found for cancer, and that new and better methods are made available to treat  advanced stage cancers.

I’m pleased with my Tamoxifen and Zometa regimen, it seems to be working and things are going in the right direction. My goal is nothing less than NED (no evidence of disease). I may never be “cured” but if this alligator was wrestled under control, I would be more than satisfied.

Joule Watt


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