December News

Good News: My tumor marker numbers are continuing to go down. The Tamoxifen is working. The CA 15-3 has improved to 341.2; and the CA27.29 has improved to 354.2.

One down note, my cancer is indeed “stage 4”, Flash says, but that’s based on the presence of bone mets from a PET scan run several months ago.  The Zometa hopefully is taking care of these and the tumors are shrinking before they have a chance to do any real damage.

Flash is pleased, and is now beginning himself to wonder if we can control this. I think we can. He says he can get a year to a year and a half run off the Tamoxifen. I gave him 5 alternatives to the drug — four hormones and one monalclonal antibody. The other hormones are doable, if Tamoxifen for some reason quits working, but I have a feeling it won’t quit working. The monalclonal antibody (Herceptin) is something I tested negative for, so I won’t be able to take it. That’s okay, I’m hoping by this time next year, so much new research is out that this stuff is reduced to a very minor problem.

We’re both going to look into PARP — a treatment for advanced breast cancer that needs FDA approval, and he said people need to figure out what to do with it.

Hubby has the hospital billing under control now, he brought them the Medicaid rejection letter and a copy of the original charity care letter.  Now that these are in our file and will be brought to the attention of the financial person in charge, the accounts will be adjusted properly. I have my fingers crossed.

In any event, I’ll take the time, and hope for even better results on the numbers next month. Meanwhile everyone have a major happy Holiday season, whatever you celebrate, and be glad for every day you’re alive.

Joule Watt


2 Responses to “December News”

  1. I’m still not sure why the hospital bean counters were able to correctly apply the charity care discount for several months after it was granted on June 29th, then failed to apply it after Leane’s inpatient encounter, then suddenly demanded a formal letter of denial from the Medicaid office, then lost the fax we sent of that letter, then finally got our accounts straightened out again just today. I guess I’d have to be a bean counter myself to understand all of that.

    But in any event, thanks to the timely intervention of our nurse practitioner from the cancer center, the hospital billing folks do indeed seem to have gotten their act together.

  2. adhdictive Says:

    hi, L. it’s m (melissa) from the intj list. i am very happy re: your December update. you and Mark are handling this in the same way you handle everything i’ve been privy to — with grace, optimism, aplomb, intelligence, creativity, and perseverence. you both continue to be people i admire, more so than ever. cancer sucks. congrats on pwning it beautifully.


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