It’s November, So November Me

It’s November 2009. I’ve made it this far, with falling numbers, and I’m getting a bit more energy, though I still have to rest each afternoon, and I’m out by 8:30 pm.  Nothing new on the cancer front for me, my next appt. for bloodwork and markers won’t be until the 30th of November, and the next Zometa IV will be December 1st.  Actually, that’s working fine right now, I just need a break from it all. Here’s wishing we could go on a vacation someplace but we’re too tired.

We’re still dealing with the financial crappe, but from what I’ve seen on Keith Olbermann’s show etc. we’re not alone. The more I look into this health care debacle the more I see a long term pattern — one in which the health insurance companies keep tightening the insureds pool to insure maximum profit. From the days I worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arkansas, on Medicaid no less, things have significantly changed, esp. in the number of people who are now being dropped as insured, referred to inside the industry as “dogs” — the whole idea is to keep the insured pool young, healthy, and free from illness, then there are no payouts. As for the rest of the aging population, and those who have had their insurance revoked (or, as in my case, the company just folded and left the state I was in — the COBRA jumped nearly 15K — and I couldn’t afford it) are just out of luck.

I had to laugh yesterday, even the Markets have rebounded back and the “economy” just isn’t as bleak as it was before the presidental election last year.  I’m more convinced than ever that so much of the subsidies that were voted through were just money to sweeten the pot to the outgoing Republican funders … it happens in every country in the world, payoffs, in short order, during changes in power, why not here?

As to the tea party people, let’s hope they get exactly what they deserve for their recent effort on the national mall, including the picture comparing the health plan to Dachau.  They are embarrassing me. In fact, they embarrass the world with their stupidity and ignorance.

On a personal note, for those who have noticed, I’m off Face Book.  I don’t know how much time I have left in this body, hopefully its a long while but I cannot take that chance, so I’m off now doing some things I need to get done. To my friends and family, you know you have my love and attention, and maybe I’ll get back on there someday, but in the meanwhile, just keep doing what your doing and ask yourself (in the words of the immortal Chef Bobby Flay) “Are you ready for a Throwdown?” That’s what I consider this cancer, could be a loss of life here, or could be several more years, whatever, it’s a good chance I will not live to 80.  Every day I wake up feeling more healthy and more rested is a day to get a little bit more accomplished, and that’s where its at for me at the moment. I have down days too, and those I have to slow down and pace pace pace.

My beloved husband is doing better, though still exhausted from his own ordeal with cancer.  Learning to pace oneself with this disease is not easy, especially when you’re used to charging ahead like a freight train on a fast track.

I wish I had more/better news, but I don’t, save that the fall weather is holding, we got a new battery for our old clunker (c. 1983) this year, and plan to get it serviced, having finally found someone in town who will work on it. Problem here is parts, even oil filters for cars this old are hard to get. We need a new car, but in light of my illness, we’ll most likely lease should this one die. My husband does not drive (having lived in Europe, where they have sensible public transportation), so we only use the car to putt around town for groceries, etc., at the moment.

All the best,

Joule Watt


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