A Tiny Bit of Good News

A bit of good news today. The CA 27.29 marker is down to 369.5 from the 400s while on the Tamoxifen. Flash, Nurse Deb, and us of course, all hope that we have a good long run on this drug. The CA15-3 held steady at 469.7 (was up 30 but that’s not anything to worry over, I’ve been told). There is no doubt that some of this cancer is retreating. What amage its already caused we’ll have to nail down now that some results have been obtained. I’m scheduled for some body scans here soon, and I’ll meet with Nurse Deb in late October just to see where the cancer is still located. Mark has his scans tomorrow, and will meet with the oncologist on the 19th. Small stuff — we’re both fighting some intestinal

and low grade fever crappe — we brought it to the attention of Flash and Nurse Deb today and we have a game plan — me, I think it’s the old ERD symptomology coupled with the side effects of the radiation and

the steriods, and actually though Mark doesn’t have GERD, he was on a ton of steroids…Well, we’re on it anyway. I hope we’ll feel better soon. Meanwhile my blood looks pretty great, a bit low on potassium this week was all.

Trying to stay alive is the primary goal here… new treatments are coming in all the time, and as I told the gang, I don’t particularly want to die. At least not painfully.

By the end of the month we’ll have more news on the status of the cancers, his and hers, and see where we can go from there.

I’m not worrying any longer about the brain tumor. Ming says he’s got it under control, and Flash gets to kill the cancer cells.

We have other things to worry about anyway, with winter coming on, its time to look toward leasing a car. The one we have isn’t going to make it. So I’m looking into that.

Joule Watt


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