Friday the 14th

Well, second to last blast today. The last and final is Monday. At that time I”ll be getting a schedule for the MRI, and that will be six weeks out — during the interim I’m to imagine this small tumor just melting away.

By the end of the month too, I’ll be weaned off the Decadron, and hopefully will start resting better. Control of my physical plant here will be shifted back over to Flash Gordon at some point, I’m sure there will be more blood draw, and hopefully I can get back on my Zometa shot next month for the bone cancer part.

The single word nightmare for someone in my condition has to be induced anemia. Receiving the transfusions when I did was the ONLY good option open … and it probably insured my overall health in a way people can only imagine. I remember the days back int 1967 when blood transfusions truly did save lives. God knows, my own mother, with her leukemia, depended on them.

It was fortuitous that Flash ran the MRI, and that I had the transfusions, although they were certainly late enough … thanks to the general confusion of the Hospitalists, the ER guys, the blood bank (I swear they imported my two pints from Romania). We found this little tumor, and now we’re going to get rid of it.

As well as any hypercalcemia, or induced anemia, before kicking off Tamoxifen and back into chemo. We need some blood work, oh yeah, but like Flash quipped “We got plenty of your tired blood, we don’t need any more of your blood”. Subvoce: He knows what it’s like. And he doesn’t need any more blood. A little bit more blood (think Tracey Ullman as Latrine in Robin Hood “Men in Tights”).

I am old, Father William. I am, after all, 60. It is an amazing time.

The Time Has Come Today. My Soul is psychedelisized.



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