Blast Rad Six

It is August 11th. Today was blast rad six of the boost series. So far so good. Seven through ten are scheduled for the 12th through the 17th. Ming will wait six weeks and we will do an MRI. My job is to visualize this thing melting away. Of course I can do visualization, and I’m confident  this is gonna dissolve. Even with this kind of radiation, tumors dissolve slowly. I have great hopes for this one’s ultimate demise! The brain has no speedy lymph to carry away dead cells, cancer or otherwise, so it has to clear slowly.

As of yesterday, my nickname in the Flash Gordon 21st Century world in which I live is Princess Joule Watt. And, like a real princess, my makeup has arrived from HSN (Adrien Arpel, you have no idea how you have helped me over the years and especially now, with your products, as I deal with the effects of cancer on scalp and skin), and I have now got an excellent collection of lightweight little wigs, courtesy of the American Cancer Society and the Bartlesville Cancer Care Center Staff, who picked out a few especially for me!

I also wish to thank the Bartlesville Fibre and Fabric Society for the beautiful crochet hats, which I wear constantly to keep my little pate warm when I’m not in a wiglet. These talented women have produced some beautiful pieces and I am always one for appreciating the art of the craft, even if I cannot do it myself.

My single biggest symptom is fatigue, of course, but I had that anyway from the chemo so its actually improved during the rad sessions!

Swollen ankles popped up Sunday, Ming determined it was from the steroids — we have tapered them down, but they are needed to “protect” from swelling while the tumor is going away, so the dosage is very carefully controlled right now, and I will be off of them by the time the month ends and the radiation treatments for this particular aspect of my cancer are over. I simply rest with my feet up for an hour and it appears to be keeping the stuff under control. Steroids are a mixed blessing. I’m grateful for the Dexamethasone 4mg, it doesn’t seem like a whole lot, and I’m down to 2x daily for this week, but it is a powerful drug and must be respected.

I wish to thank our non-profit City Ride as well, for getting me to and from my rad appointments daily. The $2 short fare is well worth the price — since I should not be driving my car right now — and my husband gets to accompany me to the appointments.  As he puts it “it gets us out in the afternoon”. To me these are great Harry Potter busses (Prisoner of Askeban), and are always a learning experience.

Right now just staying organized is an effort. I am in a funny state, on the steroids, because you don’t really rest right… so I cat nap when I can, and when I just cannot move any more I curl up on the bed or in the chair in the living room and rest it off.

My brother, who underwent his own battle with prostate cancer some years ago, and who took rad treatments, filled me in on what to expect, and so far everything he’s said has been right on the money.

Hopefully the rest of the week will be as smooth as this first part, and I’ll have more to report next week.

Meanwhile I brought some Grandma’s Oatmeal Raisin cookies for Ming’s staff. They’re all good people and good people deserve good cookies.


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