Chemo Held Again but Good News

Because there was no significant change in my blood counts, we held chemo again today (7/14/2009). The great news was that my tumor marker numbers once again are heading in the right direction: the CA 15-3 marker dropped from 690.4 to 430.4 and the CA 27.29 dropped from 865.5 to 496.6. Considering that when we started chemo these numbers were at 736 and 1006 (or thereabouts) this is excellent progress.

Because these numbers were so good, we opted to give my body a chance to rest one more week before continuing. I believe my body is fighting to get rid of this cancer and all its energy is going in that direction. I have smallish red blood cells anyway, so producing them is a bit of a challenge… This week I took another Aranasep shot (to produce red blood cells) and I’m hoping to show some progress in this direction by next week.

My appetite has been excellent and I’ve actually gone from 141 to 146 on the scales, which is great news. Right now putting on a few extra pounds is going to help later down the road.

All in all, I’m pleased with this progress, and although tired, do feel better overall. More sleeping and eating is on the docket for the week to come. Regardless of blood numbers, I will continue next week with treatment (pending the oncologist’s approval).


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