Chemo Round Two, Session One

Yesterday was round two, session one with Chemo. Same regime, and we are permanently adding a few dabs of morphine here and there to control the pain in my hands and arms from the IV. I can’t have a port installed due to the position of some of the cancer up in my clavicular area, so the IV goes in my left hand. I have good veins so it’s really not a problem, but I do have some pain due to the cancer coming from the metastatis in the spine, so this controls all of it. The chemo went smoothly and I had no reactions. In fact, truth be known, I was glad to get back. I feel so much better today.

Yesterday I talked with an ovarian cancer patient (in her 70s) who had been coming for seven years and is still surviving. It was encouraging to hear her story.  Her cancer was advanced but caught early enough to be “kept under control”. She reminded me of my own diagnosis, which is basically the same.

My oncologist said “we just have to keep chipping away”, and that is the sum total of my treatment. I have a positive feeling about this series of chemo, and I feel like it will do great damage to my cancer. My bloodwork looks very good, almost all back to normal after this break. Chemo basically drops it down, like levels of a roller coaster, until the end of the sixth session, then we take readings, and a break. This is working.

I’ll be more than happy to get the cancer to a maintenance level like my friend who has ovarian. She looks good and is living a full life. Some of us have taken to wearing our good jewelry to the chemo, like a statement of power. When I was working in the 1980s, we used to wear power necklaces and a lot of heavy metal to enhance our image. It may be out of style but I broke out a few good pieces yesterday and today, and it feels good to have it on my person again.

My weight is holding at 149. I’m allowing a ten pound loss for this series, just because my appetite is so unruly at the moment. Otherwise all is well, and I feel a whole lot better than I did 8 short weeks ago.


One Response to “Chemo Round Two, Session One”

  1. All of this sounds fantastic~ I have every confidence that you can wear it down and keep it in check.

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