The Biopsy Results

Nothing for it but just to put the results here in the blog:

I have breast cancer of a certain kind.  Mayo has it described here, and its increasing in our population.  Research here.

Soft tissue, right supraclavicular area, needle biopsy —
poorly differentiated carcinoma, morphologically and immuohistochemically consistent with lobular carcinoma of the breast (see microscopic description).

Microscopic Examination
Sections are of fibroadipose tissue containing an infiltrate of relatively
discohesive epithelioid cells containing small to moderate amounts of
amphophilic cytoplasm and mildly atypical nuclei. Small numbers of cells
with signet ring-type formation can be identified. The morphology on H and
E stains is consistent with an invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast.
Immunohistochemical stains are performed for further evaluation. In
addition to the stains below, a mammaglobin stain is also performed and is
positive. The results of the stains, in conjuction with the morphology,
support the diagnosis of metastatic lobular carcinoma of the breast.

Immunohistochemical Results

Antibody          Specificity                 Result
HER 2 (4B5)       c-erB-2 protein             results pending
KERATIN AE1/3     pancytokeratin              strongly positive
CDP               breast ca marker            positive
E.R.              estrogen receptor           positive
P.R.              progesterone receptor       negative
E-CADHERIN        cell adhesion molecule      negative

Both positive and negative immunohistochemical controls have been examined
and are found to stain appropriately.

Gross Examination
Needle biopsy:
number of fragments/cores: 4
length/range: approximately 0.1-0.9 cm
description: tan fibrofatty tissue with fragment of blood clot 0.6 cm
in length

The specimen is entirely submitted in one cassette for microscopic

Needle biopsy, right supraclavicular area


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