Smoke and mirrors. What is to be done? Find the money. Put it back. This message will mean something to those to whom it means something, and probably not much to anyone else. If you don’t “get it” go back to the mall.

Now hear this. From Bush 41 and Bush 43 we have the following: I lost my money, now I need yours, and it will be 15 kopeks please in taxes to boot. Oh, and while you are at it, don’t tell anybody or we’ll blow your kneecaps off.

Mathematicians have found a new prime number with a whole lot of digits. Trust me, the money that has mysteriously been lost over these last 8 years esp. is orders of magnitude higher.

This is a simple message: “Find” our money and PUT IT BACK. STAT. And let “Warren Buffet” go, and the rest of your hostages in the American Press Corps.

For anyone who needs a refresher course in Bushco’s failed fiscal policies and just plain skullduggery, I have two sets of memes to remind you: Bush 43 and the Pentagon. That story was the tip of the iceberg during the first administration of these pirates and its orders of magnitude worse now. It’s ruined our credit rating, and choked us to death.

This is the money that didn’t go out in stateside pork projects. This is the money that went into the pockets of the people who support the offshore expansion of the military-industrial complex. You know, what Eisenhower said he never wanted to see happen?

Get on it. NOW. Transparency. NOW. Find our money and put it back.

As to the creative financing Treasury has had to do just to preserve the No News is Good News myth, sorry guys, the jigs up. I don’t like you much, but your conscience has to be your guide. Some people think you’re ok. We have a killer IRS here for internal revenue. And we’re supposed to have an Inspector General for external. So where’s he been? WHERE’S THE MONEY? To the people of our Congress who vote their core principles and want to see this credit crisis resolved in a way that will NEVER AGAIN occur: get our money back. Put it back in the treasury. Improve our credit with the world, and while you are at it, demand the release of the hostages this adminstration is holding — the press corps in particular.

Fiorina was partially correct. Bushco should have been her target. It can’t run a major corporation, let alone the US government, which in many respects is “smaller”. Thanks, lady, for the meme.

— the Sicilian Mafia princess

Update #1: hmm, it seems we owe the Iraqi’s some 709 bil. Number sound familiar? More details on this story can be found at dkos here.

A = A. Or, A = A + 9 Bil, if you want to get ticky about it.


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