Greenland Weeps

Greenland Weeps

  • Political action on climate change evolves over a catastrophe surface.
  • One of the most important barriers on this surface is that the idea that sea level could rise significantly — tens of feet — during the lifetimes of those now living.
  • As long as the mindset of political actors and members of the public is allowed to stroll along in a believe that the problem will not be acute until after they’re dead, the problem will be too abstract to suggest immediate action to mitigate the problem.
  • I once thought that serious, rational contemplation of reversible but long-term problems would be enough for most people to get on board with early mitigation before the problems become acute.
  • But I was wrong. In-your-face meltdown seems to be the only effective motivator.
  • People talk about sheep. Now I see why.

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