Elective Fields? Surely you jest

Wireless yes, elective no.

“It turns out the human body is not affected by magnetic fields; it is affected by elective fields. So what we are doing is transmitting energy using the magnetic field not the electric field.”

And, no. Please read “On the Nature of Electromagnetic Field Interactions with Biological Systems” by Allen H. Frey, ISBN 1-57059-055-9, and Biomagnetism: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Williamson et. al, ISBN 0306413698, and find the correct way to state what you are trying to say. What you did say is weird science. Will someone from Cal Tech please help these people out? I’m retired.

— heading back to the Cretaceous


5 Responses to “Elective Fields? Surely you jest”

  1. Well, I reckon the AFP misheard “elective” for “electrical” on the video, so they’re probably guilty of getting somebody to write this story who doesn’t know electricity from Circuit City.

    Intel is guilty of pretending that magnetic fields don’t affect biological systems. That’s a fair deal worse, since they’ll presumably be able to go ahead and saturate the planet with magnetic fields for power transmission. Once again, it is (incorrectly) assumed that the burden of proof is upon those who believe there might be some danger in the new technology.

  2. Well, people with conditional identities must have elective fields…

  3. The body is affected by magnetic fields. True.
    The body is affected by electric fields. True.
    Magnetite is present in the human brain tissue and dura. True.
    Hemaoglobin is present in the blood. True.
    nMRI works. True.
    Electromagnetism exists. True.
    I could go on but why bore everyone with the details.

    If you don’t believe me, check out the work of Joseph Kirschvink at Cal Tech, for starters, and my own stuff in Charge and Field Effects in Biosystems, Vol. 4, MJ Allen et al Eds., ISBN 9810219091

    I will leave it to the reader to prove, for themselves, the above assertions, but I’m sure NO ONE will be remotely interested.

    ::lights bic lighter and waves it, singing “Kumbaya”::
    ::notices it’s ALL BLACK OUT THERE::

  4. ionamiller Says:

    Kind of makes you wonder what all those decades of DEW weapon [directed energy weapons] development were [are] about, if such is the case.

    Another disinfo campaign.

    Iona Miller

  5. Numerous deleterious effects of extremely-low-frequency magnetic fields have already been established, e.g.


    This result in particular makes one wonder if there are any 60Hz magnetic fields around that might be causing diabetes.


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