The Great American Yard Sale

The Great American Yard Sale

  • So, maybe most of these acquisitions have been speculating on the future strengthening of the dollar. Then again, maybe not — and it sounds more like wishful thinking from an American point of view. Why would Italians, Swiss and Saudis expect their own currencies to weaken against the dollar?
  • Back when Americans and American companies still had the wherewithal to acquire foreign companies, were they doing so because they expected the foreign currency to strengthen and the dollar to weaken?
  • Foreign ownership of US companies is really cool because the new investment from overseas provides jobs in the US? Well, that’s true only as long as the foreign owners choose to leave the company where they found it. As they have more and more difficulty finding employees with triple-digit IQ’s in this country, they’re likely to move their operations elsewhere.
  • Then the US can go back to being a nice, laid-back agrarian economy and leave the rest of the world alone.

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