Farm waste biofuel ‘can beat oil crisis’

Farm waste biofuel ‘can beat oil crisis’

  • I wouldn’t be so self-deprecating. The Australians are not at all behind the curve when it comes to “these technologies”, as evidenced by the mere fact that they actually know the difference between second-generation (non-food) biofuels and first-generation biofuels that compete with food uses of the same crop.

  • Of course, maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe the industry players, at least, in Europe and North America do in fact know the difference, but have simply done their math and realized that with $4 gasoline, they can make more money making fuel from food crops than allowing people to buy it and make food from it.
  • Either way, the media in Europe and North America do need to get a grip. How many times have you seen stories about how “biofuels may not be such a great idea” because they compete for food crops? The real story is that first-generation biofuels compete for food crops, that nobody except the owners of food crops and the sellers of first-generation ethanol have ever thought that first-generation biofuels were a good idea, and that all of our attention to biofuels should be focused on second-generation products. Anybody can have a biodiesel reactor in their backyard, and biodiesel is second-generation biofuel as long as you don’t make it from food.

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