Ohio town reacts to tale of teacher accused of branding student’s arm with sign of the cross

Ohio town reacts to tale of teacher accused of branding student’s arm with sign of the cross

  • “I don’t think he meant to burn anybody”? WHAT? How do you brand the sign of the cross onto an eighth-grader’s forearm without meaning to burn anybody? Either the kid was branded or he wasn’t. If he was, it wasn’t by accident.
  • Since when is the punishment for assault and battery a reprimand from one’s employer?

4 Responses to “Ohio town reacts to tale of teacher accused of branding student’s arm with sign of the cross”

  1. “Freshwater was using an electrostatic device common in science classroom demonstrations…Freshwater told investigators, according to an independent probe, that students often ask if they could touch the device, which carries high voltage but low current. On that day, several students volunteered, including one unidentified child whose parents complained that the cross-like mark left a “burn that remained on their child’s arm for three or four weeks,” the report said.”

    Volunteered??? The correct answer to the question FROM ANY CHILD (or even an adult in my classes) who wanted to touch an electrostatic DEVICE (save possibly for a balloon rubbed on a static cloth) would have been NO! Have we lost all sense of laboratory safety? A Van de Graff generator, or worse, a Tesla coil, let alone something that uses high voltage, low current should be operated by the teacher only, using the same safety standards for laboratory science used in schools around the world, as well as common industry. (Anyone here heard of OSHA?) Most schools and most school districts include safety as part of tested examination standards for writing test items for their subjects, so it must be important enough to train their teachers and students in proper procedure. THEY ARE TESTED ON THIS. Students in any science class at all should be taught safety precautions prior to any lab event, be it bio, physics or chem, or even 8th grade integrated science.

    Even if the student gave permission to do so, ask yourself does a student have the ability to understand and consent to this inappropriate use of the device? Again the answer is NO, not because these are in any way relevant questions, but because as minors working with dangerous experimental equipment in a school, it should not be their call in the first place. What kind of flagrant idiocy on a school board or within a teaching institution would allow/encourage such consummate irresponsibility?

    I did an internet search for a photo of this kid’s burn, and what I found wasn’t pretty. I’ll leave it to our readers to draw their own conclusions here, but to my eyes this was not an “x”, but a cross, and the burn was as good as a brand.

    I don’t care whether you teach ID (I wouldn’t but that’s just me) or evolution or a combination of both, putting a student in danger is not an option. Period.

  2. I guess Mel Brooks had it right: “NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

  3. Chief Monk: Torquemada – do not beg him for mercy. Torquemada – do not ask him for forgiveness. Let’s face it – you can’t Torquemada anything!

    — History of the World, Pt. I

    Zealots. If I had a dollar for every act of serious stupidity and violence committed in the name of some religionist, god-told-me-to-do-it wag (insert name of god or god’s representative on earth here), prophet, or political pundit since the beginning of time, I would be (fill in the blank).

    We have blurred the American Dream out of existence for not just new people, but people who have been here struggling for generations. We have deprived them of hope in the name of covert federally-supported religious propaganda. We have, ourselves, taken God’s name in vain. One nation under God does not mean that elected officials act as his representatives on earth. What is this, ancient Egypt? God-kings as Presidents? Oh, please.

    The separation of Church and State was a big issue when I was in grade school in the 1950s, touted as one of the building blocks of American freedom for all. People worshipped where they wanted, and voting was supposed to be separate and apart. Let’s see, there were 1. The three branches of government. 2. Checks and Balances. 3. Habeus corpus. 4. Rights and freedoms for the individual, and 5, the RULE OF LAW. Not a whole lot of that left, now, is there?

    The Separation of Church and State was why parochial schools were established. Get it? Parochial? People who supported those schools had the opportunity to teach RELIGION. They were still subject to the same state mandated educational goals for children as the public schools. Boutique private schools were also allowed, for those who could afford them. It is the church’s own fault that the monies they collected from their parishioners were insufficient to allow for the funding of their schools. Monies demanded for uniforms for example had to be paid from parents pockets — children could not wear their own clothes. The poor paid in church collection plates. In the case of the Catholic church, which had more money than Croesus and more treasure in the Vatican than the Louvre, I thought that was particularly noxious. Large churches have money. They have money and they can afford to support their own schools.

    No FEDERAL or STATE funding was ever provided for faith-based initiatives because it was considered a VERY BAD IDEA.

    Science was kept separate from Religion.

    This whole issue of ID/creationism isn’t about “evolution” or Charles Darwin’s ideas, it is about control of votes. Officially sanctioning sloppy thinking makes it okay to be Republican? Since when? The GOP was once a party of great ideas in the house that great men of IDEAS built . It is not that anymore. Now, it is a party that is shutting the doors on the American Dream room by room.

    Doors to opportunity are closed here, and we’re stagnating in this bog of blurry pseudo prosperity Christianity created by politicos for the sake of their pet corporations. For shame.

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