Computing the Dollar Value of Electricity

Saving Electricity

An extremely well-written site. We’re not at a potential solar-generated wholesale price of US $0.045 / kWh yet ( perhaps an over-optimistic prediction by me), so every penny counts. Besides, we don’t know what retail will cost even if programs like the PickensPlan can get us there on a wholesale level. Save a bit on your electricity and you’ll save a bit for the planet too. Michael Bluejay, also known as Dr. Electricity, can show you how. In 2006 I used info from this site and from my local provider to shave almost 10% off our bill by analyzing our computer usage alone. If your local area has “off-peak” rates, take advantage of them by scheduling whatever you can during non-peak periods. You save money, and the environment also benefits. That’s a win-win in my book. Think globally, act globally. No matter what country you’re in, analysis of these kinds of costs will benefit mankind as a whole. (I have established for myself, for example, a “non-electric period” each day, in which I turn off everything I can and sit and READ — a lost art — or take a walk, or do something that doesn’t use power, even if it’s rolling my hair in rollers and not using a curling iron. I’m talking incrementals here, but if done on a global scale, each person doing what they think they can do, it’s going to make a difference. Using power is like smoking, it gets to be so habitual you don’t even realize how much you’re using. So take a step back, and check out the info on this site. Maybe there is something you can use for your own “non-electric period”.)


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