Channel 4 to be censured over controversial climate film

Channel 4 to be censured over controversial climate film

  • No wonder so many voters (and politicians) are still in the dark.

One Response to “Channel 4 to be censured over controversial climate film”

  1. Some are not only in the dark, they are putting out the lights on purpose.

    I received the following email the other day. Some readers may recognize it, in that it is “making the rounds.” It was entitled “2010 Was Not A Good Year To Be President” , and was of course, a futuristic pro-Republican history lesson, making reference to “The global cooling trend we have seen for the past 25 years first became obvious in 2009, exposing the CO2 global warming fraud…”, and otherwise painting a rather silly picture of what the future would look like if Obama is elected. Again, the fear meme in full-swing.

    These same people, who attempt to paint reality in a picture of their own choosing, are the very ones who will be chanting “no one sat us down and told us!” when the evidence becomes so incontrovertible that they can no longer ignore the truth concerning changing climate conditions. By ignoring both evidence of their senses and the scientific community, just to engage in juvenile political games, they are sealing their own fate and that of succeeding generations to the whimsy of the same “thinking” that got them here in the first place. For such children, there will be no “time out” and “chance to do better”, because there will not be much of a world left.

    There is only one world.

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